Integrating Career Aptitude Assessment into Your Company

Managing your open positions and potential candidates can be a full-time job and take you away from pressing business manners. In addition to our HR consulting services, we offer helpful tools from Prevue. We can quickly integrate these tools into your business, and teach you how to get the most value out of them. Our expertise with this software can help you extend your talent pipeline.

We have incorporated the talent assessment tool and applicant tracking system into our own recruiting and hiring, so you know they can be trusted. From building job descriptions to tracking and assessing candidates, we’ll help you develop a process for streamlined talent acquisition and retention.

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Applicant Tracking System

Your Prevue APS Pro Applicant Tracking System includes a branded career site that matches and integrates seamlessly with your existing website. You have full control of the application process and will notice a significant increase in the flow of applications from qualified candidates. The application process is simple and intuitive, helping to reduce candidate abandonment.

This applicant sourcing tool provides:

  • Customized, branded career page with personalized support
  • Increased applicant flow of qualified candidates
  • Access to a library of over 12,000 job profiles
  • Automated email communication with candidates
  • Automated online applications
  • The ability to post jobs to hundreds of top free and paid job boards (including Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter and more)
  • Unlimited users with varying security clearances to improve internal communication

Talent Assessment

This recruitment assessment tool works with any size of business to facilitate relationships in which both employers and employees thrive by hiring the right candidates the first time around. An essential component of our repeated success in this area is our career aptitude assessment service. This involves pre-employment testing, comprehensive interview guides, coaching & development, and advancement identification.

Our applicant assessment tool also includes the following:

  • Decrease turnover and increase performance
  • Web-based valid and reliable assessment tool
  • Assess candidates against customized & unique benchmarks that fit your culture
  • Full psychometric testing which measures cognitive ability, motivation/interests and personality traits
  • Meets all EEOC regulations
  • Reports for hiring, on-boarding, successions planning and more
  • Excellent candidate experience leading to great branding for your business

“Implementation of the Prevue software has provided a dramatic boost to our talent pipeline with very little time commitment. Like many small business environments, we work hard to keep overhead expenses at a minimum to maximize overall profitability. Prevue has helped us make our talent acquisition process significantly more organized. With the efficiency Prevue brought to our internal process, I now have more time to focus on other operational priorities.”

Becky Lewis

COO of All In One Accounting, Inc.

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