A Different Approach to Talent Assessment

Our team of consultants will partner with your business to make sure you’re hiring for the position your organization needs. Through our conversations with your leadership team, we can help you grasp what position you should be hiring for and if you already have the talent within your organization.

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Do You Have the Right People to Grow?

Many businesses, generally SMBs, struggle to know the position they should hire for to make the most impact on their organization’s growth. A people plan can help businesses wrap their heads around their hiring needs by addressing the talent gap in their organization.

For example, when a small business is growing rapidly, they may believe they need a sales manager to overlook the performance of the sales team and keep the momentum going. However, what they really need is another high-performing salesperson.

Our talent management consultants help you uncover valuable insights:

  • Your next leader may already work for you.
  • Are you hiring for the right position?
  • Is there another position to hire for that will accelerate business growth?

There is no way around it. Small and medium-sized businesses need people plans. They are vital before making an important hire because it could be the difference between growing your business within the next 6 months or taking a false step and halting growth. We’re here to make sure your next hiring step is the right one. We do this by offering individual or management team assessments that involve:

Let our talent management consultants take this burden off your leadership team’s shoulders so they can focus on what’s best for the business.

Small Business Compensation Program

How is your team being compensated compared to the rest of the job market? Many consulting firms will send you a report of what managers in the area are making so you can ensure you’re compensating your team fairly.

We go beyond that. We provide recommendations compared to what the market says, offering you context around salary and compensation.

Small-to-medium sized businesses don’t have the resources to scrape together data from big consulting firms. They need to be savvy about compensating and incentivizing their talent. We understand this challenge, and so that’s why we leverage our recruiters’ knowledge of the market and cross-reference what they’re saying with market data.

Compensation isn’t always formulaic. It’s an art. Factors like company culture, individual negotiation strategies and the job market necessitate consideration when nailing the appropriate compensation for your employees. Our team can help you refine your strategy so you can retain the difference makers in your organization.

We’re Here For You.

Want to learn more about our hiring or recruiting processes? We can help you get the ball rolling, whether you need to make the right hires, or you’re looking for the next step in your career. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us — we’ll be in touch soon.