Sales Recruiting Agency

CorTalent will help you fill the front line in your company’s workforce. Our sales recruiters in Minneapolis take an individualized approach to staffing. Our services include executive and sales management searches, recruiting talent for inside sales and identifying candidates with industry-specific sales experience.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team, please contact our Minneapolis office. Your business is our top priority.

Personalizing Business Staffing to Meet Your Company’s Needs

At CorTalent, we take a personalized approach to sales recruiting. Our recruitment services do not rely on a huge database to generate candidates who fit broad job descriptions. Instead, we follow this process:

  • Interview you, taking the time to really understand your salesforce staffing needs.
  • When we have carefully defined a position we will benchmark it by task and region to help you identify the ideal person and value of the role.
  • We then begin a search for THE right candidate, a sales recruiting process that relies on our social media network.
  • When we have identified potential candidates, we will, in line with your request, administer pre-employment testing and preliminary interviews before presenting you with resumes.

Sales Recruiting: From Entry-Level to Executive Search

We provide a full range of sales staffing services, from a top-level executive search to building an inside sales and lead generation team. Examples of positions we will fill for you include:

  • Sales manager
  • Account manager
  • Business development specialist
  • Lead generation staff
  • Channel sales associate
  • Digital marketing specialist

We’re Here For You.

To learn more about our process and how we can help you make the right hires and retain talent, schedule a meeting with our team so we can get the ball rolling on helping you.