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Marketing is what helps drive companies forward — and with the right hire, you’ll equip your company with creative strategies that propel business growth. CorTalent’s experienced team of marketing recruiters based in Minneapolis has years of experience placing industry experts who know how to make a difference in an in-house or agency marketing role. As marketing recruiters, we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect fit for executive marketing positions — it takes a candidate who can balance creative thinking, adaptability and thoughtful leadership to succeed in a marketing role. With our expansive network of talent, we’ve successfully placed marketing experts into positions where they — and in turn, our clients — have flourished.

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Access a Diverse Network of Specializations

There are many crucial pieces to the puzzle of successful marketing, and we’ve helped our clients find candidates to complement a variety of different specializations within their organizations. Whether you’re searching for a C-level position or a digital marketing specialist, CorTalent’s marketing recruiters have the network to support you. Here are a few positions within marketing agencies we’ve helped place:

  • VP of Marketing
  • Director of Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Specialist

Working With CorTalent’s Minneapolis-Based Marketing Recruiters

Before finding the perfect candidate for your organization, our top priority is to understand your business and your goals for hiring. Our guiding belief is that the better we understand your business, the better we’ll be able to find the candidate who will truly make a difference for you. In building our partnership, we’ll discuss areas of opportunity in your business, what you value in leadership roles, and what your ideal candidate is like. We take great pride in maintaining open communication throughout the entire marketing recruitment process — we encourage our clients to reach out to us with questions, concerns, or big ideas to contribute along the way. In the end, we share the same goal: finding the candidate who fits your company’s unique mission and culture.

Integrate Our Powerful Recruiting Tools

Finding the perfect candidate involves a lot more work than people anticipate. Managing postings, reading through endless submissions of resumes and CVs can ultimately eat up time you need to spend getting work done. Our team of marketing recruiters will help make the search as efficient as possible by providing you with application management software designed to reach and acquire talent. Besides tracking applicants, we also provide a Talent Assessment tool which tests helps facilitate pre-employment testing, coaching and development, and interview guides. Our software and Talent Assessment tools have proven to be invaluable resources to our clients, so much so that we also use them for our own company.

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Want to learn more about our hiring or recruiting processes? We can help you get the ball rolling, whether you need to make the right hires, or you’re looking for the next step in your career. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us — we’ll be in touch soon.