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Engineering requires creative, analytical leaders who can manage projects effectively while keeping the big picture in mind. CorTalent’s Minneapolis-based engineering management recruiters have extensive experience placing skilled C-level candidates into roles within respected engineering firms. We understand the unique demands the engineering industry requires from executive positions, and we have the professional network of candidates to meet those challenges. Whether the role you need to fill is the director, designer or electrical engineer.

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Access a Diverse Network of Specializations

For high levels of performance, engineering firms need to be staffed with the best and brightest in every role. Whether you’re looking for a C-level candidate or team manager, Cortalent’s engineering management recruiters can find the right person to bring thoughtful leadership to your organization. Here are some of the roles we help place within the engineering industry:

  • Director
  • Designer
  • Manufacturer
  • Electrical
  • Manager

Working With Our Engineering Management Recruiters

To find the right person to complement your engineering firm’s mission and culture, we’ll work with you to understand your goals, needs and expectations for the candidate. The better we understand your company’s needs, the better we’ll be able to match the candidate who can make a difference for you. For our engineering management recruiters, it’s not about placing any person into any role as fast as we can — it’s about creating mutually successful relationships for both our candidates and our clients. To ensure this success, we keep open communication throughout the entire recruiting process. We’re proud to build strong relationships with our clients based on our shared goal of finding uniquely qualified candidates.

Integrate Our Powerful Recruiting Tools

Recruiting and hiring the right candidate for your organization requires much more time and energy than most would expect. For engineering firms, this can mean time away from current and prospective projects. Working with Cortalent’s engineering management recruiters allows you to prioritize both the recruiting process and the work you need to do for your firm. We help make the search process efficient with application management software designed to reach and acquire talent. This software integrates with your website and allows you to keep track of your postings and applications. In addition to the application management tool, CorTalent also offers a Talent Assessment tool. This tool helps facilitate pre-employment testing, career coaching and development, and interview guides. These recruiting tools have proven to be successful assets to our clients, and we’ve even adapted them to our own company’s recruiting process.

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Want to learn more about our hiring or recruiting processes? We can help you get the ball rolling, whether you need to make the right hires, or you’re looking for the next step in your career. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us — we’ll be in touch soon.