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Retaining Your Talent: How to Keep Employees Who’ve Been Offered Other Jobs

Our very own Angela Harder, Director of Consulting for CorTalent, wrote a helpful article on how to retain employees who’ve been offered other jobs! She runs through tips for improving employee retention and explains why splitting with some employees may pay off in the long run. Employee Retention Techniques Convincing your hardest-working employees to stay… Read More

How to get the most out of your interview!

Did you know the unemployment rate is between 2-4% in many parts of the country? This is forcing many to consider a potential career transition. With this interesting dynamic in hiring, we are given the opportunity to reassess interview time. We are all busier than ever and time is becoming more and more valuable. Let’s… Read More

I’m Graduating: What’s Next?

As many students are well into their last semester of the school year, many are starting to think about graduation and what’s next. But, like all soon-to-be grads, it’s often a struggle to figure out the best way to begin your job search. While industries like Information Technology (IT) and construction/infrastructure continue to grow, especially… Read More

Recruiting Trends for 2018

Around this time of year, many people in the workforce have the thought of, “Is this really what I want to be doing with my life?” An even harder question to answer is, “What do I do next?” It’s not an easy decision and having a passion for a particular type of work should always… Read More

The Three Golden Virtues – Revisiting Warren Buffet’s Hiring Method

by Dan Barthell Warren Buffett likes to say that he hires people based on three things: 1. Intelligence 2. Energy (aka Initiative) 3. Integrity …with Integrity being the most important. “If they don’t have Integrity, then you want them slow and stupid.” These three qualities are essentially what every hiring manager, every search firm, and… Read More

Ready, Set, Hire: Be Prepared

by Karen Axtell, MA HRIR You finally found the perfect fit for your organization; the candidate brings leadership, integrity, and experience to the table. Friday becomes hectic, and you decide to send over an offer on Monday. Being a hot commodity, the candidate receives an offer on Friday, and you are unable to get an offer on… Read More

Table of Experts: Workforce Planning (sponsored content)

courtesy of: Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal held a panel discussion recently, featuring three experts to talk about the changing needs across industries for workforce planning. Panelists included Mary Nutting, owner and president of CorTalent; Lisa Brezonik, chief talent officer for Salo; and Paul Bees, commercial banking recruiter at Midwest Financial… Read More

To quote Jack Johnson- Where did all the good (sales) people go?

by Dan Barthell Hiring in this new age of technology, where just about anything can be found with a simple Google search or a few clicks of the mouse, should be just as easy as ordering your groceries on Amazon or hailing an Uber. Right? Not exactly. While it is true that posting job advertisements is all… Read More

Why Work Experience is not Everything

By: Erica Edgar This past month, I read an article that was shared by our Applicant Processing Software Company, Prevue HR Systems. In the article titled “Hire someone with no experience! Wait, what?” the author challenges hiring managers to think beyond experience. Rather, search for candidates who are hungry, show initiative and have the personality… Read More

LinkedIn Jobs App: Simplifying the Job Search

By: Jason Schober LinkedIn recently released the LinkedIn Job Search app and simplicity is at its core. As you likely have experienced, the job search can be a tedious time consuming process. Many of us have experienced having to register on an organization’s site, filling out field after field of the same information. Some sites… Read More