LinkedIn Jobs App: Simplifying the Job Search

By: Jason Schober LinkedIn recently released the LinkedIn Job Search app and simplicity is at its core. As you likely have experienced, the job search can be a tedious time consuming process. Many of us have experienced having to register on an organization’s site, filling out field after field of the same information. Some sites… Read More

The Most Important Recruiting Efforts You Are Not Doing

Recruiters have come a long way since the cold calls and Rolodex days. Job Board websites were introduced in the late 90’s making it the most efficient way to search for jobs in the new millennium. LinkedIn was introduced in 2003 with features for job posting added shortly after, it has been a hub for… Read More

5 Points in Preparing Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Next Job

Whether you are a Passive (currently employed) or Active (searching or unemployed) Candidate, here are 5 points to prepare your LinkedIn profile to land your next job. 1. Headline with Keywords There are two standards for a headline. a) Your job title and current employer b) Keywords that describe positions, industry, and expertise. While both… Read More

Culture: Today’s Talent Managment Mantra

We had the privilege of having talent management experts, Alissa Henrikson and Mary Nutting, with us as guest speakers at our October Breakfast Club event. Each offered excellent comments about how to find, select and retain talent best suited to the needs of an organization. (See their presentation here.) By far, the comments that rang… Read More

The Do’s and Dont’s of Following Up

Do’s: If you’ve applied for a job online or through a company Web site, follow up via phone within three days. Before you make that call, re-read the job description and pick out two key points that match your experience to the job that you can discuss with the hiring manager. Use examples to show… Read More

Interviewing… How to Stand Out in a Crowd

BE YOURSELF!!! First of all…you should not be applying for a position that does not fit your background, skill set, capabilities and passion because all of that will come out in the interview and therefore won’t go well. Now, if you do have what it takes then you have to be yourself at all times… Read More