A Fresh Approach to Employment Consulting

CorTalent is your premier provider of employment consulting and talent acquisition. Our Minneapolis agency offers deep industry knowledge, extensive experience and a unique and flexible approach to bringing employer and candidate together.

The 3 Key Ingredients

Our highly experienced staff will identify your organization’s talent requirements and corporate culture. We will be your partner as your company matures and grows, repositions within your industry or changes to adapt to an evolving market, helping you develop a Talent Roadmap to achieve your desired results. The Roadmap is specific to your company and comprises a detailed plan that addresses 3 Key Ingredients:

Strategy: How do you envision growth within your company?
Structure: How do you achieve your desired growth?
Process: What plan is in place to grow effectively and successfully?

We then conduct an intensive, personalized candidate search, with the goal of a solution in which both parties will thrive. Our model is a partnership with our clients. You will receive unrivaled personal attention and a team of professionals will be dedicated to aligning your employees with your “Cor” business strategies.

Employment Consulting, Talent Acquisition and Employee Retention

Every company has its own unique recipe for best aligning its employees with its corporate strategies and culture. When successful, the combination results in maximum productivity and a better bottom line. We begin employment consulting services by learning as much as possible about that unique process and supporting it with custom staffing services, talent assessment and retention services.

Once all parameters are outlined and the Roadmap is designed, we align a team of employment consultants with your firm and implement the tools and processes that best suit your needs.

Staffing Specialties: Technology, Healthcare, Sales and Engineering

CorTalent serves clients across a broad range of industries with employment consulting and project staffing services. Areas in which we offer particular expertise include the following:

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From offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our employment consulting agency assists clients throughout the United States. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a meeting about our services.